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WHAT YOU GET: •access to 2 hour monthly group coaching sessions •access to session replays + local event workshop replays •access to exclusive community to connect between sessions


  • What is Spark and Launch Community?

    Spark and Launch is an exclusive online community that features three components - a bundle full of online courses, group coaching sessions, and an actual community space where members connect and chat with each other - all with the goal of moving you closer to your goal of financial freedom through multiple streams of income!

  • What if I'm not able to attend the live coaching sessions?

    No worries! All sessions are recorded, so you can come back and watch them later!

  • What if I need more help?

    Our community has a wealth of resources to get you where you want to go! I do offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions if you ever need more specialized guidance for your specific situation. And, If there's a topic you need help with that I'm not an expert in, I have plenty of links to experts with the information you need!

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